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Two-day seminar in Oostkamp

On 18 and 19 October, the research team of the Centre for Sustainable Development held its biennial two-day seminar at hotel Roodhof in Oostkamp. These seminars are intended to break the academic routine, to facilitate discussions on non-academic themes (literature, travels, theatre, movie & tv…) and to allow the team to get to know each other in a different (better?) light while also inspiring future research and projects.

During the two days in Oostkamp, every team member gave an exuberant presentation about a topic that he or she finds fascinating, irritating, intriguing, arousing… followed by an equally interesting discussion with the colleagues. This led to a wide array of presentations and discussions on topics such as the harbor, “nothing”, and the meaning of the latest teenage soap opera.

These presentations were alternated with two outdoor activities. On Thursday, we did an excursion to ‘t Ambrozijn, a local biological farm where we heard the inspiring story behind the farm while strolling through the fields. On Friday morning, we had a rejuvenating walk through domain Kampveld. After a few more presentations on Friday afternoon, we ended the seminar with tired legs and reinvigorated minds.


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