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KBS webinar - Climate controversies: why and how to map conflicting discourses?

Free webinar "Climate controversies: why and how to map conflicting discourses?" - Organisation; King Baudouin Foundation - Series "Connect for Climate" - By: Dr. Frederik De Roeck and prof. dr. Thomas Block - Abstract: Climate change confronts us with a number of fundamental choices. In different areas of society, the ‘normal’ way of doing things has been replaced with a series of climate-related controversies: among others, there is disagreement and debate about the effects, causes and interactions between our consumption and production patterns, about the strategies and measures that should be pursued within certain sectors, and about how the costs and benefits should be distributed within society. In this webinar, we introduce discourse analysis as a tool for mapping such climate controversies, including conflicting arguments, interests, assumptions, world views and coalitions.


Poel 16, 9000 Gent - BELGIUM

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