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Start SEAS project

1 September 2019 is the start of SEAS: Science Education for Action and Engagement towards Sustainability, a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Technological, socio-economical, and environmental changes are rapidly transforming and posing new challenges to our societies. What scientific knowledge, literacies, and skills do students and citizens need to address these challenges? Through SEAS, we will develop tools and methods that facilitate collaboration between schools and local communities facing sustainability challenges through what we call “open schooling”.

Open schooling involves schools cooperating with other institutions and organizations to achieve community wellbeing and changes the way science comes into the classroom and how the science-classroom makes a difference in the world. In SEAS, this entails creating collaboration tools and methods where teachers and students can work together with out-of-school partners on solving sustainability and social justice challenges in their local communities.

Ghent University coordinates one of the local networks within SEAS.

Read more about about SEAS on the project website.



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